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Thank you for visiting the new Paul McCarthy Cork website where we will be adding content, and sharing information, images and videos on the various fundraising projects that we are involved with, both in my home city of Cork, and further afield in some of the most underprivileged areas of the world, including Belarus and Madagascar.

Videos from Belarus – Thank you for your Support!

Why We Support Overseas Charity Projects

Giving to charities is something that many people love to do. It makes them feel better when they are able to help someone that is less fortunate than themselves. This can be in a variety of ways. People can donate money or items to help others and they can also volunteer their time. For many people, time is very limited and they decide to donate with funds instead. Some of the best charity projects are those that are overseas. We love to support these charities and do so on a regular basis.

We really like to support overseas charity projects because they offer us the rewards that we are looking for. With time that is limited, we find that these charity projects allow us to help others even though we cannot be there. Here are some more reasons why we love to support overseas charity projects:

1. The Need

For the people that live across the seas, their existence may not be one that is deemed appropriate. It is a shame to see how some of the people over there are expected to survive. This is one of the reasons that we love to support overseas charity projects is that there is so much need to do so. They have so very little and we like to provide our funds to help in any way that we can.

2. Use Of Funds

Another reason why we love to support overseas charities is that the funds are used for good purposes. We always pick ones that we know that the funds are dispersed in a way that will assist the very people that are in need.

3. Helps With Necessities

The overseas charities help the people in the affected areas with the necessities that they need to live. They are able to receive clean water and decent food from the funds that we send over there. People are given clothing that can protect them from the weather. They are also given shelter that they desperately need. We know that the money that we provide helps these people in many different ways.

4. Educational Benefits For The Children

One of the greatest things that our money helps to make possible is education for the children. The children are able to learn to read and write as well as many other things with the help of the charities that we choose to give to. It makes the children happy and they have the hope that they need to move on. Seeing pictures of how the children respond to the education that our money helps to buy is something that gives us great joy.


5. Medical Resources

People across the seas do not always have access to proper medical care. Our funds help the charities to get the people the medical attention that they need. They are treated with medicines to help them get better if they are sick and they are taught how to practice proper hygiene too. One people understand more about their health and how they can take care of themselves better, they show a remarkable improvement because of the charities that we like to give to. We are all for watching a transformation from ill health to good health and from poor hygiene to good hygiene.

Paul McCarthy – Cork Charity Projects Thanks You

Helping in any way that we can is what we do when we support overseas charities. We know that when they have the necessities that they need, they can go on to live more productive lives. They can also help others when they learn how to teach them. This allows the areas in which they live to become more civilized in every way. We are proud to do our part in assisting with the need that is shown overseas.